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2021 Craft Calendar | Sharon Nettleship | Silhouette UK Blog

2021 Craft Calendar | Sharon Nettleship | Silhouette UK Blog

2021 Craft Calendar

Hi DT Sharon here.

I hope you all managed to have a good Christmas.

To start off hopefully a good new year I’d like to show you a great addition to your craft room/area.

A colourful calendar to start off your year to remind you of all those crafty dates.

I’m showing you just January but of course you can carry on the pages and decorate as you’d like.

Resizing & Cutting Your File

Bring the file into the Silhouette software.

Using the corner arrow resize to your required size.

Then ungroup and start to cut out your pieces in different coloured cardstock.

Quick Tip

Keep all your cut outs on a piece of the cardstock backing paper.

They will be useful for another project.

Days & Numbers

When adhering your numbers and days have a look at a calendar to see which dates land on which days.

That way you can colour code them correctly.

Placing The Year Numbers

Open a new file and use the text button to type 2021 in the size you require.

As you can see in this screenshot I’ve used a bold text to help it stand out.

I made a border around the numbers using the offset button.

I did the bottom layer in white and the top in the dark pink.

Layering The Crafty Words

Bring in your crafty words and resize as required.


Add a border layer to the words using the offset button.

Cut out the offset layer in white and the wording in dark pink.

Laying Down The Letters

Place the white layer first.

Placing the middle letters first helps to fit it centrally.

When you’re happy with the white layer add the pink letters.

I liked the idea of making this calendar just for my craft area.

I’m always forgetting what date it is!

Of course you could make it much bigger and write on the spare white squares and place them on the calendar.

It doesn’t even have to be a craft calendar, you could add any phrase at the bottom.

– Sharon Nettleship –

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