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3D Halloween Lantern | Cherylann McCool | Silhouette UK Blog

3D Halloween Lantern | Silhouette Cardstock

Hi Cheryl here again.

I hope you are all doing ok with Covid-19, I know it has been horrid and stressful for people but I hope your crafting is helping.

I think that we should make the most of the upcoming holidays and we know kids love to dress up so let’s get spooky.

I hope you like this project as much as I did.

Craft Materials Used

Silhouette Adhesive Cardstock
Silhouette Vellum
Tracing Paper
Glue or DST

Open Your File

In your, software open your files in the design space that you have downloaded from the Silhouette Design Store.

If you click on your shapes box you can increase or reduce your size to fit.

This file is best done on 12″ x 12” card.

Prepare Your Card

Now you want to get your card onto your mat and get it lined up correctly so that it is ready to go.

Next, go back to your design space and once you are happy with your sizing hit send in the top right hand corner.

Change Your Material

Now you need to change your material to Cardstock, Glossy Adhesive Backed and if you are happy then hit Send to cut your cardstock.

Time To Weed

Once your card has been cut remove the mat and weed out the excess card off the design.

Now, get your hook or weeding tool and weed away all the bits you don’t need and then pull the adhesive back off the card.

Once removed apply your vellum to the adhesive and cut to size.

Putting It All Together

Now the really fun hands on bit, putting it all together.

To start with fold all of the sections to create the box shape.

On the last section you will see you have a thin bit to hold the box together, you should put glue on this line and hold until it sticks.

Finally, with the pentagon shapes, put one on the inside of the box and one on the bottom outer part and the box is now complete.

Light It Up

I am known for not liking Halloween but I have thoroughly enjoyed making this that much that I might make some more.

Adding the battery operated tealights really make them come to alive don’t you think?

Well that’s me for this week’s blog but I really hope that you will come join me for my next project which fits in with this time of year.

Bye for now!

– Cherylann McCool xx –

Silhouette UK Blog Created By Cherylann McCool

Silhouette Products Used

Silhouette Designs Used

Design Used: BOO Halloween Lantern
Design Store Artist: Tanya Batrak
Design ID: 277591 > Download

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