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Autumn Blessings Home Decor | Karen Moss | Silhouette UK Blog

Autumn Blessings Home Decor | Silhouette Sticker Paper

For this week’s project I have used Glow in the Dark printable sticker paper.

This is a product I have used previously and love the fun way it pretends to be normal until night falls and then it comes into its own making the design glow with a subtle light.

Making The Cut Design Into A Print & Cut Design

I knew I wanted to use a print and cut design for my project but couldn’t find one in the Design Store that was exactly what I wanted so decided to colour a cut design.

To do this I simply added colour to all the elements of the design using the color palette.

Adding The Ombre Title

I wanted my title to have an autumnal ombre effect so once it had been down loaded I opened the colour pallet, chose Fill and then Gradient and used an autumnal colourway to fill my title.

Print & Cut

I added my tree and title to an A4 design space and added registration marks.

Once printed I was very impressed with how neatly the leaves were cut with very little white space remaining.

Preparing The Background

For my background I decided to use a printed file that looked like an autumn sunset.

I filled a 6in x 8in rectangle with this and then placed my tree in the position I wanted.

Adding The Glow

To add a slight glow around my tree I gave the tree a 0.05 external offset and then removed the tree.

I changed the offset colour to white and the paper size to Letter.

After adding registration marks I sent it to print – changing my print settings to ‘envelope’ to accommodate the thicker material.

Completing The Design

All that remained was to add the printed card leaves, trunk and title to my Glow in the Dark Sticker paper.

It Comes Alive At Night

The photo of the tree glowing in the dark doesn’t do justice to how pretty it really looks.

I have used Glow in the Dark paper for previous design projects on the old blog:-

Glow in the Dark Secret Message Frame
Glow in the Dark Birthday Card

– Karen Moss –

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Silhouette Designs Used

Design Used: Autumn Tree
Design Store Artist: Studio Ilustrado
Design Store ID: 216073 > Download

Design Used: Autumn Blessings
Design Store Artist: Sandi Idleman
Design Store ID: 93428 > Download

Design Used: Autumn Ombre Background
Design Store Artist: Hero Arts
Design Store ID: 274957 > Download

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