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Bonfire Night Cup Bands |Sharon Nettleship | Silhouette UK Blog

Bonfire Night Cup Bands |Sharon Nettleship | Silhouette UK Blog

Bonfire Night Cup Bands


We all love a nice hot drink on Bonfire Night whilst we’re watching the fireworks don’t we?

I thought how nice it would be to make these bonfire night cup bands to brighten up a dull paper cup.

The Band Bases

For the bands I’ve only used the base file for my bands.

I’ve made 3 for my project using the white corrugated paper.

Before cutting them out, I was a bit apprehensive, but they cut out beautifully.

Sizing the sentiments

Bring in your firework sentiments and size them to fit the bands.

To do this group each sentiment and drag them over.

Grouping into colours

Ungroup all the sentiments and put the into colour groups.

This will save you time and card.

Cut out the colours all at the same time.

Adding an offset

To make it look nicer and easier to adhere to the cups I brought in the sentiments and arranged the words how I wanted them and then added an offset in white.

Weeding the words

Because I’m using the adhesive cardstock I like to weed my card.

So I cut them down and take off the outer card leaving the words and images stuck on the shiny paper.

I cut the sparkler out of gold vinyl.

Layering the words and images

Next I layered the words and images onto the offset white layers.

I used transfer tape for the sparkler.

Adhering the bands

Carefully adhere your layered words and images onto your bands.

You may need to use a little liquid glue for strength as they will be curving around your cup.

This was a great little project to do and I’m sure your family and friends will be impressed with your original paper cups. You could use the base layer band and images from the Silhouette store for any occasion to brighten up your table.

– Sharon Nettleship – 

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