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Burn’s Night Place Cards | Karen Moss | Silhouette UK Blog

Burn’s Night Place Card | Silhouette Corrugated Card

This week we were given some lovely corrugated paper to work with and asked to make something for Burn’s Night.

I decided to make some place cards for a Burn’s night supper.

The Design

The design I chose was actually meant to be a box. It has the option of a cut design or a print and cut design and I chose to use the print and cut.

Making The Banner

I used a banner for the names on my name cards.

I adapted this by un-grouping the design and removing all but the outer line.

I then used the centre panel for my name and used this font to write the names.


I added my Scottish outfits and names to an A4 design space and sent it to print.

Making The Cards

I drew a rectangle 8.5ins x 2ins and added lines at 3in, 6in and 8in.

I changed the colour of these to black.

I duplicated this to the right so that I had two and added them to my printed design so that everything would be cut at once.

I chose Line as my cut instructions on the send menu and set the black lines to score.

Cutting The Corrugated Card

I used the corrugated paper for a 4in x 2in rectangle behind the Scottish dress and the names.

Once all the elements were cut I glued the .5 in tab to form a triangle and added my corrugated paper and print and cut elements to this.

Know Your Place

I was delighted with how my name cards turned out and the corrugated card gave them a little extra dimension.

– Karen Moss –

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Design Used: Scottish Box
Design Store Artist: Daniela Moscone
Design Store ID: 187537 > Download

Design Used: ZP Carolina Script
Design Store Artist: ScrapNFonts
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