Stephanie Squires - Silhouette UK Design Team

Stephanie Squires – Silhouette UK Design Team

“Hi I’m Stephanie…I like many of you have been crafting all of my life…I always enjoyed drawing and painting at school taking both art GCSE and A-level as well as photography and 3D design.

Over the years I’ve made all-sorts of things from cross-stitch to things from clay, from clothes for me to clothes for my daughters’ toys both by hand and machine.

It was about ten years ago now that I tried scrapbooking for the first time and I loved it…. The only problem was the place that I went to was closing down. The internet was limited back then and I had no idea about blogs (or did they even exist back then?) and was really lacking in inspiration…it took me another five years to over hear a conversation at a party about a life documented class…I was eager to find out more and a week or so later I was at my second scrapbooking class in five years!!

Within a few weeks I’d booked my first scrapbooking trip away with the class and I was off and running (so to speak) I’ve been to many different classes over the years and learnt many different techniques and can definitely say it’s my main hobby now (I’ve invested too much into papers and scrapbooking stuff to do anything else lol)”

Steph xo

Favourite Craft Tip

“Never be afraid of trying something new, someone somewhere will have written a blog or filmed a video at some point about something you want to do so give it a watch and give it a go….”

Steph’s Instagram: stephanielouise123

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