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Chipboard Christmas Tree Decoration | Karen Moss | Silhouette UK Blog

Chipboard Christmas Tree Decoration | Silhouette Chipboard

Hello Silhouette fans – today I have a little gingerbread house that’s made from Silhouette Chipboard.

I have adapted the design so that I could add a little battery powered tealight to shine through the windows.

Changing The Design: Part 1

After downloading my design I decided I wanted to make a couple of changes.  Firstly, I removed the dotted score lines and replaced them with solid line, which I coloured blue.

I also changed the far right and far left vertical like to blue also.

Doing this enables me to use the score function rather than have lots of dotted lines which doesn’t give you a clean line.

Changing The Design: Part 2

The next step was to add a tab to the far left and far right lines – this will enable the house roof to open and close.

I used the line tool for this.

Changing The Design: Part 3

My final change to the design was to make the score lines on the two roof pieces into a solid blue line and to add a small cut line in the middle.

Grouping The Pieces By Colour

Before I cut my gingerbread house, I grouped all the pieces by colour so that I could just drag them onto my design space every time I changed the colour of card I was cutting.

Constructing The Box

To construct the box I made it up as normal but didn’t glue the tabs on the roof. I stuck the little round hangers, centrally, to each of the tabs I had added to the roof.

I then glued the white roof to the red one, ensuring the cut lines on the fold lined up.

I added a tealight to my house, folded the roof tabs in and then used the roof to hold everything in place.

The House That Christmas Built

I am really pleased with how this worked out and how the lights flicker through the windows.

With just a few adjustments I made my gingerbread house Christmas tree decoration into something rather special.

– Karen Moss –

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