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Cupcake Toppers | Corinne Regan | Silhouette UK Blog

Cupcake Toppers | Corinne Regan | Silhouette UK Blog

Mermaid Cupcake Toppers

Hi all I thought I would do something different to cookies today.

I used the Silhouette Alta and the Silhouette stencil material sheets to make some cupcake toppers.

Getting Your Design

I got my design from the silhouette design store Tin Soldier & Ballerina by Studio Ilustrado.

I used the edit points to make the arms a bit wider and used the weld option to join the pieces together in order to cut the icing out.

Bringing The Design Into Silhouette 3D

Once I had completed my design in the Silhouette Studio software I then imported it into the Silhouette 3D Software.

I brought the file in as a simple Extrusion as I find this gives a cleaner cutting edge to the cutter than the actually Cookie Cutter template which is pre-installed into the software.

Once I was happy with the size of the cutter I sent it to print.

Making The Stencil

Whilst the Silhouette Alta was busy printing the cutter I went back into Silhouette Studio to make my stencil.

I coloured the picture in using the colour fill option so I could see what it would look like, then, I cut the stencil out with my Silhouette Cameo 3.

Colouring The Icing

Once the Silhouette Alta had finished printing the cutter I used it to cut out the icing shape.

Once cut I then placed the stencil over the icing and used food dust colours to colour it in.

I loved making these Cupcake Toppers!

I used the same method to make the mermaids tail.

– Corinne Regan –

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Silhouette Designs Used

Mermaid Tail Card
By Sarah Bailey
Design ID: 272552 > Download

Tin Soldier & Ballerina
By Studio Ilustrado
Design ID: 62136 > Download

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