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Guitar Gift Box | Helen Williams | Silhouette UK Blog

Guitar Gift Box | Using Silhouette Chipboard Sheets

In today’s blog post I will be creating this cute guitar shaped gift box!

It’s perfect for gifting music lovers with festival or concert tickets!

Here is how I created it.

Cutting Out The Design

The first thing that I needed to do is resize the file so that I could cut it out of 12 by 12 chipboard. To do this I opened the file in Silhouette studio and then turned it so that the largest piece was diagonal across the 12 by 12 chipboard.

I made sure that the file remained grouped together while I was doing this so that I resized all the pieces at the same time.

Once I was happy with the size of the guitar I then ungrouped the file so that I could arrange the different pieces on the canvas.

Amending The Size

Because I resized the file so that the guitar filled the whole 12 by 12 size of chipboard, the sides of the guitar were then too large to fit in on the chipboard. To solve this problem I amended the file by cutting the side pieces in half. To do this I copied one size piece and then placed them on the canvas. Then I made a square around the side pieces and then used the ‘crop’ tool to cut the sides down to the right size.

You will now need to use two side pieces to make the lid and base of the box. Once I amended the file I then cut the file using the chipboard settings.

Assembling The Box

To assemble the box I used masking tape and stick the sides to the bottom part of the box. I then used the second base part to cover up the triangle flaps of the box and make it all look a bit neater.

I then used masking tape to make a neat edge all of the way round. I then did the same for the top of the box. Once I had secured the box I used masking tape of neaten the edges.

I then decorated the box and accessories with washi tape and a black sharpie.

(Make Sure You Scroll To The Right For Both Images)

That's One Rocking Gift Box

I really loved how this box came out and it will be perfect to place some festival or concert tickets in as an extra special surprise for that special someone.

– Helen Williams –

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