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Music Festival Tattoo Paper | Cherylann McCool | Silhouette UK Blog

Music Festival Tattoo Paper | Silhouette Temporary Tattoo Paper

Hi it’s me Cheryl again, hope you are having a fab summer now that schools have stopped!

Holidays are starting but what summer is really about is going to a Music Festival and this week’s project is made with Tattoo Paper, let’s see what I have made.

Craft Materials Used

Silhouette Printable Temporary Tattoo Paper

Open Your File

In your software open your file in the design space and layout how many you need.

Preparing To Print

It’s at this stage you will be getting ready to print but before we can do this we need to go to view and select show registration marks and your screen will change.

(Make Sure You Scroll To The Right For Both Images)

Ready To Print

Under style, pull the drop down and select Type 1 for Cameo and you will see your mat change.

You now need to make sure your images are within the spacing and then put your temporary tattoo sheet into your printer and print.

Cutting The Tattoo Out

Once printed leave to dry.

Once dry you want to get the adhesive sheet and peel back, carefully put over your printed design (not like mine) and then put back onto your cutting mat and get ready to send to cut.

Click send and your screen will change.

First, select the way you want your design to cut e.g cut edge and then change material to temporary tattoo paper, printable and then hit send for design to cut.

(Make Sure You Scroll To The Right For Both Images)

Your Tattoo Is Now Ready For The Festival

Now, you want to gather all your festival going friends and get them to bare their arms.

To apply, you want to remove the clear adhesive sheet carefully from the tattoo and DO NOT (Unlike Me) put the adhesive sheet back on the tattoo it peels the image off.

Now, run a cloth under the sink and make sure its nice and wet. You then want to put the tattoo on the arm and then put the cloth on top and hold for 10-30 secs until your tattoo backing paper comes off and then the tattoo is complete.

(Make Sure You Scroll To The Right For Both Images)

Time To Party

I absolutely loved this project and the end result was fab to see.

The tattoo paper is fabulous if going to a music festival or even children’s party and they should last for at least 2 days unless washing hard with a brush.

I have a big birthday coming this year so I think I might make myself one or might make some for Christmas and be different.

You will definitely have have great fun with this product and it’s perfect for summer.

That’s me for this week and for next time I am working on keeping a student’s desk tidy in preparation for the kids going back to school.

I hope that you will show us what you make and would love for you to post them on the blog for us all to see.

– Cherylann McCool xx –

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Silhouette Products Used

Silhouette Designs Used

Design Used: Party Sleep Sun Repeat
Design Store Artist: Crate Paper
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