Machine Blades

We supply a wealth of replacement blades for all Silhouette Digital Cutting Machines. Whether you are looking for a like for like replacement for your machine or you are looking to perform a certain type of job we will have the right blade for you and your machine.

Ratchet Blades – Perfect For Repeat Jobs & 3rd Party Media

Ratchet Blades are the perfect choice for customers who cut a lot of the same type of material or perform the same type of job time after time with their machine. Ratchet blades are also ideal for customers who are cutting 3rd party medias or materials that are not produced or branded by Silhouette. Due to their build and nature, Ratchet blades offer infinite adjustment between their lowest and highest maximum blade depth settings allowing customers to really fine tune the blade depth compared to what can be achieved with an AutoBlade which allows them to generate a far more superior level of cut.

AutoBlades – Perfect For Silhouette Branded Media

The AutoBlade now comes as standard with all Silhouette Digital Cutting Tools (Cameo 4 & Portrait 3). These blades are perfect for new users who are learning how to use their new machine with the wealth of Silhouette branded medias available. The AutoBlade is designed to be used with Silhouette branded medias only, if you are using media produced by 3rd party brands with your Silhouette machine then we highly recommend that you switch to a Ratchet blade. The blade depth of the AutoBlade is controlled by which Silhouette branded media you select within the dropdown menu in the Silhouette Studio software, the machine then automatically adjusts the blade to the corresponding blade depth settings. AutoBlade’s have a maximum depth setting of between 0.1mm and 1.0mm and are adjusted in regimented 0.1mm increments.

AutoDetect Blades

Blades marked with the word AutoDetect are for use within the Cameo 4 or Portrait 3 machines only! These blades feature a magnetic chip which tells the machine which blade installed in the tool chamber and this is then automatically updated within the Silhouette Studio software.
Please Note: All AutoDetect Blades & Tools work with the Cameo 4 but some do not work in the Portrait 3 machine, please double check before you purchase. This information is clearly marked within the product page above the Add To Basket button.

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