Without Ink of any kind there is no colour and no colour makes everything boring and flat, this is why we stock a large range of eye catching and vibrant colours to really make your stamping or fabric project pop.

We sell two varieties of inks for:

Stamping | Fabric

Our range of stamping inks are designed to go with the consumables range for the Silhouette Mint Custom Stamp Maker. These Inks are strong in colour and nature and can provide you stamp block with up to 50 impressions before it is time to refill.

We stock two varieties of Fabric Ink:

Standard | UV Light Sensitive

Standard Inks display their vibrant colours directly from application to the project surface. UV Light Sensitive options all display as a milky white colour under normal light, it is only when the ink is subjected to UV light or a black light where its true colour is revealed.

Remember: All Consumable Product Orders Over £40.00 Qualify For Free UK Mainland Delivery.

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