Silhouette Alta® 3D Printer
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Silhouette Alta® 3D Printer

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Graphtec Craft Store Says

“The Silhouette Alta® 3D Printer allows you to print 3D objects at home. The Alta includes Silhouette 3D Software which allows you to import, design, customise, slice and print all from one incredibly easy to use software package.”

Silhouette Alta Key Features:

Colour: White
• Prints 3D Designs
Print Speed: Up To 80mm Per Second
Max Print Height: 130mm
Max Print Diameter: 124mm
Max Resolution: 0.05mm Per Layer Height
Comes Pre-Calibrated & Pre-Assembled
Prints At Low & High Temperatures
Uses Eco-Friendly 1.75mm PLA Filament
Import & Print Files Saved As .STL & .OBJ Formats
Import Existing Silhouette Studio Files And Turn Them Into A 3D Project

Silhouette Alta Includes:

White PLA Filament (Approx 60 Grams)
Alta Print Bed Spatula Tool
Protective Platform Tape (10 Pieces)
Removable Acrylic Build Platform
Filament Holder
Allen Wrenches (x2) & Nozzle Head Cleaning Tool
Silhouette 3D Software Package (Designer | Customiser | Slicer | Driver)
AC Power Supply | USB Cable | 3 Pin UK Plug
Full UK Technical Support
2 Year UK Warranty


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Silhouette Alta ® | 3D Printer

The future is here and the future is The Silhouette Alta ® 3D Printer – Take your designs to whole new dimension!

The Silhouette Alta® 3D Printer brings 3D printing into your home in one of the easiest to use formats devised. The Alta® comes pre-assembled and pre-calibrated which means all you have to do is unbox it, install the Silhouette 3D® design software, feed in your choice of coloured PLA Filament and away you go, it really is as simple as that.

The Alta’s PLA Filaments are constructed using Corn Starch which means they are biodegradable and totally food safe so whether you are printing a wedding cake topper or a biscuit cutter you needn’t worry about contamination.

The included Silhouette 3D® software is amazingly simple to use and even allows you to drag in pre-existing Silhouette Studio files which you can then turn into amazing 3D designs to print on your Alta®.

Silhouette Alta ® | How To Use It

The Alta® 3D Printer works by melting the PLA Filament and and layering it until your design has been completed. Simply choose your desired colour of Filament, make sure the end of the Filament is cut at a 45° angle, load the Filament into the printer.

Make sure you have applied a fresh piece of Platform tape to the Alta® platform or you won’t be able to remove your printed object from the printer without damaging it.

Now, once you have designed and applied your desired settings in the Silhouette 3D® software all you have to do is send your design to the Alta®, sit back and watch the magic happen.

Silhouette Alta ® | Full Feature List

  • Alta® comes pre-calibrated & pre-assembled
  • Can print custom 3D designs
  • Comes with its own 3D printing software, Silhouette 3D®
  • Allows you to adjust your print settings depending on the project:
    > Prints at fast & slow speeds
    > Prints at low & high temperatures
    > Prints up to 130mm tall & 124mm diameter
  • Allows you to build your own 3D designs with Silhouette Snap Kits
  • Print objects with any 1.75mm PLA filemant
  • Print Silhouette 3D® files as well as third-party files (.STL & .OBJ formats)

Included Software | Silhouette 3D®

Silhouette 3D® allows you to create designs in full 3D formats as well as allowing you to import your 2D design files from Silhouette Studio as well as .STL and .OBJ format files and turn them into 3D projects.

Silhouette 3D® is a one-stop shop, it allows you to design and slice your objects and send the printing instructions to the Alta® 3D printer all through Silhouette 3D®.

Silhouette Alta ® | Minimum System Requirements

  • Processor: Intel or AMD Quad Core at 2.5GHz
  • Ram: 4GB
  • Hard Drive: 4GB Of Free Space
  • OS: Windows 10 or MAC OS 10.8 +
  • Graphics: Any that support OpenGL 1.2 (Any GPU Since 2010)
  • Network: Any Network Controller (WiFi or Ethernet)

Silhouette Alta ® | What’s Included

  • Silhouette Alta® 3D Printer
  • White PLA Filament Spool (60 Grams)
  • Alta® Spatula Tool
  • Platform Tape (10 Pieces)
  • Extra Build Platform Tape Sheet
  • Filament Holder
  • Allen Wrenches (x2)
  • Nozzle Head Cleaning Tool
  • AC Power Supply
  • USB Cable

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