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School Teacher’s Gift | Karen Moss | Silhouette UK Blog

School Teacher’s Gift | Silhouette Cork Sheets

As the end of term approaches, the question of what to give as a teacher’s gift arises. I hope this quick and easy idea helps. This frame was very quick to make and I think would make a treasured gift from any child.

I have used cork sheets which are 5″ x 7″ thin sheets of cork adhered to a thin fabric backing which has adhesive on. After cutting your shapes you are able to peel them from the backing sheet and add to your project.

Preparing Your Design

After deciding to make a frame as a teacher’s gift I browsed through teacher related designs and found one that was a split apple – perfect for what I needed it for.

I opened an A4 design space and drew an 8″ x 10″ rectangle as that was the size of my frame.

I then added the split apple to this.

Adding The Text

The next step was to choose a suitable phrase to be drawn with a sketch pen.

Adding The Teacher's Name

I drew a rounded corner rectangle 4 ¾ ins wide and ¾ ins tall and wrote the teacher’s name inside.

Cork Stars

The phrase came with lots if different sized stars dotted about but I only wanted the larger ones as I thought the cork might struggle with tiny ones so copied the larger star and duplicated it around my design.

Preparing To Cut

I removed the stars and apple from the design and changed everything I wanted drawn to blue. Once drawn I used a gold and silver gel pen to colour them in.

Colouring The Text

Once drawn I used a gold and silver gel pen to colour the letters in.

Cutting The Cork

I changed my design space to 5″ x 7″ as that is the size of the cork sheets and set out the shapes I wanted to cut in cork.

After cutting the shapes I added them to my frame.

Thanks Mrs Saunders

I was really impressed with how clean the cork cut. It did have a few cotton strands left on the stars but these were easy to snip off.

I don’t have any school aged children so am going to give this to my friend who is an Art Teacher as I think the phrase is perfect for her job.

– Karen Moss –

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