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Scrapbook Memory Cards | Helen Williams | Silhouette UK Blog

How To Create Scrapbook Memory Cards Using The Silhouette Pen Holder

One of the best parts about scrapbooking is being able to commemorate all those important things that happen in family life, but like all of us a tend to end up with so much scrapbooking to do that I just need something quick to make.

So today I am making some monthly memory cards to use in my scrapbooking projects as a way to quickly get some memories down.

Materials Used:
A4 White Cardstock
Gel Pens (mine were from Wilco)
Silhouette Pen Holder
Silhouette Design Files

Creating The Memory Card: Step 1

To create the memory card I firstly increased the canvas size to 12 by 12 inches. I then created an oblong with rounded edges approximately 14cm by 28cms.

Creating The Memory Card: Step 2

I then opened each of the silhouette files that I wanted to use in my note cards and placed them in the rectangle.

Cutting The Memory Card

This was actually the first time that I have used the sketch pen holder with the silhouette. I opened the send menu and made sure that tool 1 was set to cut and tool 2 was set to a pen holder in the drop down menu.

Using The Silhouette Pen Holder

The pen holder was super easy to use but it took me a minute to work out how to set it up. The pen holder comes with three different sized inserts for the pen as well as a part that inserts into the silhouette holder.

I used a different colour for each part of the text on the memory card. Once I had done all of the text I cut the card out.

The Finished Project

This project was super easy to create and I really enjoyed making something that will help streamline my scrapbooking.

I can’t want to get the kids to use these to write down their memories of each month and on special occasions.

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