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Silhouette UK Blog | Summer Themed Biscuits | Corinne Regan

Hi everyone, it’s Corinne here with my very first blog for the Silhouette UK Design Team.

I have a small cake business which I run from home. I have made cakes for over 20 years and have always been interested in learning new techniques and using new products and absolutely love the Silhouette brand.

I have been using the Silhouette ALTA to make my own cutters. This week I have used both my Silhouette Alta 3D printer and my Cameo 3 to create these great Summer Themed Biscuits so read on to see how I did it.

Making The Cookie Cutters

To make the cutters, first I searched for clip art images and found the ones I wanted.

Once I had the images I then used the trace function within the normal Silhouette Studio program. Next, I took this 2D Silhouette Studio file into the easy to use Silhouette 3D software program to convert it into a 3D design so that I could print out the cutters.

(They are pink in the picture to enable them to be viewed on screen)

Silhouette 3D Software For The Alta

This is how the traced images then appear within the Silhouette 3D software once you have imported the file in.

You can use the software to edit your design to make it more 3D friendly as well as alter the size and depth (also known as extrusion) of the file you want to print, in this case and ice lolly design.

The Finished Cookie Cutters

The great thing about the Silhouette Alta 3D printer is that it uses PLA Filament to print out your designs.

PLA is a is largely made up of corn starch which makes it food safe so it perfect to make cookie cutters or cake decorations out of. Also, as it is mainly made up of corn starch the products are biodegradable should they end up in the bin one day.

Here is what the finished cutters looked like, I opted for the Yellow filament this time but there are plenty of others colours available.

Biscuits Fresh From The Oven

After making the biscuit dough by hand I then used the cookie cutters to cut out the summer shapes that I had picked for my biscuits.

Cutting The Fondant Icing

Whilst I waited for the cookies to cool I used the same cutters that I had created to cut the cookie dough to cut out the fondant icing for the decoration.

The cutters cut out the fondant icing very cleanly leaving a very neat & tidy edge.

Top Tip: I use jam to secure the fondant to the top of the biscuit.

The Final Decoration

For the top decoration I went back to the Silhouette Studio software.

I coloured in the templates I had created earlier using the designs in the colour palette option. Next, I printed them out onto an icing sheet using edible ink in my printer and then applied it to a Food Safe Cutting Mat and a blade I used just for food projects.

I used the print and cut feature to cut them out using my Silhouette Cameo 3 before attaching them to the fondant icing with a little cooled boiled water.

I really enjoyed designing and making these biscuits and they tasted as good as they looked!

Both the Silhouette Cameo 3 and Silhouette ALTA are very easy to use. The Silhouette ALTA enables you to make whatever design you require meaning the possibilities are endless!

Look out for my next blog, it may be a bit of a puzzle!

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