Spooky Halloween T-Shirt | Vickie McHugh | Silhouette UK Blog

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Spooky Halloween T-Shirt | Vickie McHugh | Silhouette UK Blog

Spooky Halloween T-Shirt | Vickie McHugh | Silhouette UK Blog

Spooky Halloween T Shirt

Hello and welcome to my new blog.

This week I am going to show you how to make a spooky t shirt, ready to wear for Halloween.

This is a great way to personalize your own clothes, bags and other fabric items.

Items I Used

Silhouette Curio Machine
Silhouette Standard Ratchet Blade
Silhouette Heat Transfer Vinyl
Heat Transfer Vinyl
Heat Press/Iron


The Design

Having looked in the Silhouette design store, there were so many cute Halloween designs that I struggled to choose which one to use on the t shirt.

In the end, I did purchase a couple, but decided on “perfectly wicked”.

I then pull it into Silhouette studio from my library by double clicking on the file.

Size the design

I then place my t shirt out on a flat surface and using a ruler, map out how big I want my design to be.

I am going to make it approximately 6” across.

So making sure that the padlock is closed, I have changed the width to 6”.

Setting up the design to cut

As I am using 4 different types of HTV, I am going to separate my design to cut out different sections in the different HTV.

To do this right click and ungroup the file.

Move out each section of the design onto a different part of the mat.

Placing vinyl onto the mat

Looking at how you have set up the mat, place the vinyl to match the layout.

Don’t forget that it will be mirrored when cutting, so reverse the vinyl.

Please remember – place the HTV matte side facing up.

Cutting the HTV

Once you are happy with the vinyl and placement, click on the SEND in silhouette studio.

Please remember that different types of HTV has different settings within Silhouette Studio.

I am cutting out the writing first which is Flocked HTV:
Cut settings:

Material: Heat transfer, Flocked
Blade: 3
Force: 33
Speed: 5
Passes: 1

Make sure you only have the section you want to cut highlighted in red, to change the others, click on them and select No Cut.

Click SEND

It will then ask if you would like it mirrored – ALWAYS SELECT YES

Follow this process for all sections remembering to change your Material in Silhouette Studio.

Once they have all been cut weed the design.

Creating the T-shirt

Place the t shirt onto a ironing board and layout your design ready to heat it.

As it is not one whole piece, I have heated it onto the t shirt in sections so I can make sure that each type of HTV has stuck down.

Then when you have completed the HTV, place out some hot fix gems and using the iron and a steady hand, fix them onto the t shirt as well.

I have really enjoyed putting this together for my little princess.

The magnet paper is so versatile, the possibilities are endless!!

I look forward to seeing what you make.

Please don’t forget to tag me on Instagram so that I can see your masterpieces @crafty_vickie

– Vickie McHugh – 

Silhouette UK Blog Created By Vickie McHugh

Silhouette Products Used

Silhouette Designs Used

• Designs Used:

•  ‘Perfectly Wicked’
Design Store Artist: Vividdiy8
Design Store ID: 381353 > Download


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