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Together Layout | Stephanie Squires | Silhouette UK Blog

Scrapbooking With Steph | Together Layout

When I saw this cut file…I just had to use it…It’s a very beautiful and delicate cut file by the very talented Paige Taylor Evans and once I cut it I wasn’t disappointed!

Cutting The File

Cutting on white Bazzill is my favorite thing to do… and I cut this file on diamond textured cardstock on the heavy card setting passing through twice.

Just be mindful even though I cut through twice I still had to cut some of the smaller pieces out by hand, but it’s so beautiful it’s worth it!

Creating The Background

To create my background I used some texture paste and some netting and pushed the paste through the fabric to get this effect.

I then smooched the colours I wanted to use all over the page before splatting the paint on to the page using a paintbrush for a more saturated colour.

This was then put to one side to dry.

Painting The Cut File

For a while I toyed with the idea of backing this cut file but it would have taken an absolute age so I decided to paint it with some metallic paint I have in my stash.

I painted the flowers pink and yellow and the leaves green.

Assembling The Layout

At first I was going to lay the flowers top and bottom leaving the straight edges facing the middle with a gap in-between for my photos, in the end I decided to double layer the cut file just below the centre to give the layout more depth.

Finishing Touches

Once I had stuck down the cut file I started to tuck in the photos and ephemera all on foam risers and poking out of the cut file.

I added a perspective heading and all of the words round the edge of the layout before finishing the layout with sequins and enamel dots and hearts!

The Finished Layout

When I planned this layout in my head it looked completely different to how it finished looking!

Half way through it I didn’t like it at all but I didn’t give up and changed a few pieces and ended up really loving what I’ve made, which is good as I plan to give it to my husband as an anniversary gift!

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