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Valentine Reveal Card | Verity Biddlecombe | Silhouette UK Blog

Valentine Reveal Card | Verity Biddlecombe | Silhouette UK Blog

Valentine Reveal Card | Silhouette Scratch Off Sticker Sheets

Hi everyone, Verity here today from PrettyLittleButton.

Valentine’s day may have gone, but I love you cards can be sent any time of the year, your love one will always appreciate it!

What’s more, this card has a double reveal, with sentiment continuing when you lift up the panel and then again when your love one scratches off the circles!

This card is complete customizable to your other half.

Download The Design

Download the ‘4 LAYERS POLY HEART design into your design space. Next, ungroup all the elements in the design package.

With the bottom layer of the hearts, draw two rectangles that spans the top part of the heart as seen in the picture. Using the weld option in the Modify panel, weld the rectangles to the heart.

Next we need to add the score lines in. Using the line tool, draw a line from one edge of the rectangle across the heart to the other side. Make sure you change the line type to a dotted line along the top tool bar.

Add A Title

Next, add a little thin rectangle along the low right bottom of the heart and weld this to the heart.

Using a thin font, type ‘Lift’ and position within the rectangle space.

Add The Sketch Pen

Before we cut the design out, we need to sketch pen the ‘LIFT’ on the tap. In the send window make sure only the ‘LIFT’ is selected and the rest is set to ‘No cut’.

With the ‘LIFT’ selected, select the sketch option action and load a sketch pen into your machine.

Once drawn, cut the all 4 layers out.

Cover Up Your Inner Sentiment

To cover up your inner sentiment from the outside, and also to add a place for your scratch of sentiment, we need to cut out a solid heart.

With the bottom layer selected, right click and press release compound path. This allows you to separate the inner cuttings from the outline.

You may find it easier to reopen the design again to get an unmodified bottom layer to the hearts.

Position Your Sentiments

Use one of the full hearts to help position your sentiments inside the panel.

You will want to set the words to a sketch font for the best results.

Position one of the hearts on your mat and sketch out your sentiments.

Cut the circles out separately from Silver scratch of sticker paper and position these over the sentiments to cover them up to all our partner to reveal them when they receive the card.

Assemble The Card

To assemble the card, layer up all the hearts on top of one another with liquid adhesive. Make sure you adhere it to one full heart at the bottom as well.

Fold the score tabs over at the top of the heart and adhere the tabs to the other solid heart to create a hinge.

Once complete, adhere the whole panel onto a card base of your choosing.

Here the card is A5 in size and the heart was mounted onto color corresponding matting layers.

Will You Be My Valentine?

– Verity Biddlecombe – 

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Silhouette Products Used

Silhouette Designs Used

Design Used: 4 Layers Poly Heart
Design Store Artist: Alaa’K
Design Store ID: 311649 > Download

Design Used: Skripty Sketch Font
Design Store Artist: Dresden Carrie
Design Store ID: 74644 > Download

Design Used: Skinny Minnie Font
Design Store Artist: Lori Whitlock
Design Store ID: 250519 > Download

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