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You Sparkle Like A Firework | Karen Moss | Silhouette UK Blog

You Sparkle Like A Firework | Karen Moss | Silhouette UK Blog

You Sparkle Like A Firework | Silhouette Glitter Sticker Paper

This week the Design Team are working with Glitter Sticker Paper.

I was curious to see how glittery it would remain after being printed on and was delighted to see that it was still very glittery.

Preparing My Design

When you download the design it looks like this.

I separated all the stars from the title and changed all of the red sections to black.

Printing My Stars

I set my design space to ‘Letter’ size and arranged the stars to fit, adding additional small stars.

The glitter sheets have sections at each corner without any glitter but I realized that the registration marks would overlap the glitter so added a small piece of white label to each corner so that the registration marks would be printed onto that.

Preparing My Title

Onto another Letter sized design space I arranged my title, making it as large as I could to fit within the registration marks.

I also added the word YOU.

Adding On Offset To The Title

I wanted my title to stand out against my white background and also be substantial enough to use foam pads behind so I added a .125 offset to it and cut this from white card.

Constructing My Page

Once I had printed and cut my components (which cut beautifully) I layered up the stars, added them to my page, with my photo overlapping two of them, and then added my small stars and title.

Sparkle Sparkle

The printable sticker paper is a really fun addition to any crafting project.

It was really easy to use and I was very pleased with how well it cut.

It has a lovely sparkly silver finish on the unprinted parts and the glitter really does sparkle through the printed areas.

– Karen Moss –

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