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Cork Box Table Favours | Karen Moss | Silhouette UK Blog

Cork Box Table Favours | Silhouette Cork Sheets

We usually have Christmas dinner at our house but this year, as our daughter and her boyfriend are both working on Christmas Day, we are going to make dinner at their house.

I wanted a fun little addition to the table decorations and decided to make little gift boxes as table favours.

The Silhouette Cork was perfect for the reindeer’s faces and gave them a lovely ‘furry’ texture against the Kraft base.

Adapting The Design: Part 1

I used this design for my little bag and resized it to fit two onto an 8in piece of Kraft card.

Adapting The Design: Part 2

I then duplicated the head and used the knife tool to remove the antlers on one.

This was because I intend to cut one (with antlers) in brown and then one (without antlers) in cork.

Setting Out The Different Sections

I wanted to cut all the non-craft pieces at once so laid them out onto my design space and labeled them.

I changed the outline of the cork pieces to blue so that I was able to tell my Silhouette that this was cork and the others were card.

Adding The Media To The Mat

From the grid lines on my design space I was able to note down the size of the pieces of cork and card that I needed for each section.

I was then able to cut them to the correct size and add to my mat, ensuring that they lined up with the grid lines on the mat.

Setting The Blade

When I sent my design to cut, I chose ‘Line’ from the cut options and then set the red lines to Cardstock Textured and the blue lines to Cork Sheets.

Once all the pieces had been cut it was really easy to assemble each box.

Favours For Everyone

I love my little Reindeers with their furry faces and shiny noses, which I will fill with after dinner mints – there is still time for you to make some for your Christmas table!

– Karen Moss –

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